Tuesday, 11 March 2014

quick photoshop


Playing with scale and making things seem as if the they are larger or smaller than they truly are is something that has never really interested me but in this project i have found that i need to somehow make the subjects in my images feel as if they have no end. Initially i thought about my lens choice to achieve he desired effect however i was finding that the lenses ended up distorting the image or i was capturing certain elements that i didn't want in the images so i looked at other methods of trying to incorporate scale into my images. When i was looking through my sketch book for ideas that would help me to complete my new concept i came across the work of Henry Peach Robinson which at first didn't really seem as if it was relevant but as i read through my notes i had about him i saw that he used to layer negatives to create a print from two or more negatives and i saw that i could use this technique to layer some negatives to make my final images look as if they went on forever. As it is a technique i have never used i think it will be good to learn how to do this especially i the results are good.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Risk assessment

Risk assessment:
Set build

Trip hazards: strong possibility (*)

Fire hazards: strong possibility

Power tool hazards: strong possibility (*)

Crew safety hazards: minimal possibility (*)

Model safety hazards: strong possibility

Set safety hazards: fair possibility (*)

Prop safety: fair possibility

Ventilation hazards: minimal possibility

Falling hazards: minimal possibility

In terms of the hazards that will present themselves along the way to completing this assignment there will be a lot of things to consider. Because we have been warned about the hazards and shown how to properly use equipment it is unlikely that anything will happen but there is still a possibility so it is important that the team does not take any unnecessary risks.

Things that the team have been trained to deal with correctly are highlighted with a (*). All of the other hazards will have to be in mind when we proceed with the assignment. The model will have to be briefed in what to do in an emergency and so will anyone else who may attend along the way.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


After having my tutorial it was clear that people did not fully understand what my concept was so i have made the decision to change my concept so it is clearer and makes more sense. Feedback on my waste project was that it was too up in the air and didn't have any direction. My concept will now be to document the abundance of wasted tires in the medway area .In the first half of my project i found out that there are huge amounts of unused tires in medway both new and used and i think that by highlighting the fact that these tires are being wasted when they can be recycled will make my images a lot easier to comprehend.